Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Today is my Mothers Birthday, my Cousins bithday, and an old friends brithday. I called my mom she had a good day, my cuz is only 3 and I dont really talk to her and my old friend...well I wish I could talk to her. We were friends in High school, she was two years younger then me/we went to the same church and our parents were friends we became real friends in High school. Our church split at the beginning of my High school years then there was sort of another split the summer before college...that is when her and I sort of split as well cuz we didnt see eachother and I dont communicate well if I dont see you on a regular basis. Things happened she got married moved out and I wish that I could have talked to her when all of that happened but that was a few years ago and I only hear things about her through my mother through her mother but for a while they werent even talking (my friend and her mother that is) well long story short I just email her a birthday greeting to the email address that I have and I hope that she still has it and that she will email me back. Wish me luck!