Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I want one of these! I saw it on someones blog and had to look into it! I love penguins and music so this is perfect...all you do is plug in your mp3 player and it will dance and flap its wings to the music. Its just way too Cute..and its only $20 how amazing is that! but I cant get it at the moment cuz I need to save money and I alread bought a really cute bag from etsy. So if you would like to get it for me that would be so nice...thank you! Just kidding! But I will be buying it in the next few months cuz it is so dang cute!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I did them today and they are just Horrible! California is taking all my money! oK well not all my money but alot at one time!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pirates has Invaded!

Wow Im so EXCITED! Pirates 3 is comming out May25! That is so Soon! Orlando is so cute! If you click on my title then it will take you to the website so you can watch the trailer. I tryed multiple times but it wouldnt let me post it! but that shouldnt stop you from clicking it to see it! Its so EXCITING!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

GREY'S IM SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT! Plus has anyone read the artical in World this week! I work with periodicals in the Library and we got it in yesterday and I read it this moring....Im not sure what I think about it....anyone have an opinion?
on another note...I love roommmate dates! on Tuesday my roommates and I went to dinner at Red Robin and rented a couple of movies that we watched that night and last night! We are all so buzy and it was nice to hang out together and relax!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Ha Ha yeah right!

Fact of the Day: snowflakes
Ice crystals from clouds fall as snow. Moisture freezes on the crystals, which combine to make snowflakes. Large snowflakes, formed when the temperature is above freezing, fall as wet snow. Dry, powdery snow falls in extremely cold weather but its snowflakes do not stick together well. Each snowflake is a collection of ice crystals, which are usually hexagonal but may also be needle-shaped or columnar. No two crystals are identical; their shape depends on where they form in the cloud and the temperature changes each flake experiences as it is forming. The formation of the crystals is a complex process leading to an almost infinite number of possible variations. In theory, it is possible for two snowflakes to be precisely the same, but the probability of complex water molecules being distributed in the same configuration in two different snowflakes is next to zero.

Man I wish there was snowflakes! The weather has been so crazy the past few days...its been so hot...record highs! It needs to stop its messing with my sleep...cant sleep during the night and to hot to do anything so Im sleepy!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Dr. Glenn Cadzow

Move over Elsie I have a new Hero....Ok well He is the Hero for the day! He is my Science Teacher this semester (and Last semester and all Science classes) And He is just a Hoot. I don't do good in Science but I like going to class just to see what he says. Like today he was talking about getting our grades online and he said "The name is Cadzow not Superman. The only thing that bothers me on the Periodic table is element 36 (I think that's the number-klh).......that's Kryptonite!"Our topic today was about Pressures and when we were talking about deep sea pressure he explained that he was sad that the Monterey Bay Aquarium got rid of the deep sea exhibit and that he didn't sleep for two days! That's not the half of it. He is always complaining that he doesn't have enough board space, calls everything "beasts" and hates the periodic table that we have in the classroom because it snaps up so he calls it the anti-christ! Man He is A-Mazing He makes me Laugh almost every class!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My Little Cousin Koltten! isnt he just the cutest! I love him and I havent even met him! Anyway my mom just sent me some pics so now Im giving one for you to enjoy as well!

Monday, March 05, 2007

This Weekend

Man I had so much planned this weekend and you know how much of it I did.....Nothing! Ok well not nothing Work was on the List and I did some of that but not all of it. Friday I worked at the Library but not Scrappin so I was going to scrabooking but that didnt happen. Lately I have wanted to Scrapbook and have lots of ideas but when I get out my stuff there is nothing there to work with...and I cant buy any of the new stuff that we are getting at the store cuz Im on Freeze and cant buy anything till Elsie's Stuff comes in April! that is so long. Ok well the other day I did buy a few things cuz I spent my Starbucks money. In stead of scrappin I watched Moulan Rouge (sp? I can never get it right) then Krista and Derek did there wedding invites and I got mine! IM so EXCITED! Cant wait until June!
Then on Saturday I worked all day....Crazy day! We have so many new boxes of stuff to open and put out and no where to put it! Plus there was a class and it was super buzy...which made it go by fast but it was crazy! When I got home Krista and Derek were just starting the Departed so I sat down and watched it with them...I have seen it before and Its A-Mazing! Im glad it won all of those awards at the Oscars the other night!
Sunday.....what can I say about Sunday...I almost didnt go to church but I havent been in a church going mood lately so I forced myself to go...what else was I going to do...sleep...I needed to just go. My plans were then to Clean out my car (which is really durty cuz it has not been full unpacked from when I came back from being at home for Christmas!), work at the Library for a few hours (to get it over with), and Clean round my desk (really dirty as well!).....but what I really did was watch die hard, take a long nap, and then go to dinner with Krista at Accapoco! Dinner was great....we had some good roommate time! only wish Susie was there as well but she was still at home.
Now its Monday and I for sure have the case of the Mondays and almost didnt come to work this morning but I have no other time to make up the hours! So here I am taking a little break to tell you all about my weekend...hope your weekend and Monday is better then mine! Have a good week!

Latley I have been likeing the fact of the day....most of the time they are just dumb.
Fact of the Day: alcoholic spirits, cordials, liquors, liqueursA liquor is a drink produced by fermentation or distillation of a mash of various ingredients, including grains or other plants. A spirit is a kind of liquor, but also denotes an alcoholic solution of an essence or extract, and a cordial is an aromatized and sweetened spirit used as a beverage. A liqueur is a strong spirit-based drink sweetened and flavored with aromatic substances. The main differences lie in the way the various flavors are obtained. Flavors are usually added to liqueurs by infusion, and are often enhanced by sweetening; essential oils and extracts are used to flavor many of today's liqueurs. Liqueurs are also known as cordials in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

March already!

Man its already March...where has 2007 gone. It seems like just Yesterday I was at home having fun with my family bringing in the new year now 2007 is already in its third month! Life needs to slow down!

Fun Fact of the Day! I love Photos!
Fact of the Day: photographs
A photograph can capture or record a moment; it can show beauty and happiness or suffering and cruelty. Photography is complex and challenging and is a relatively new technology. The word, derived from the Greek photos "light" and graphein "to draw, write," was first used by the scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839. As technological advances have improved photographic equipment, materials, and techniques, the scope of photography has expanded enormously. With high-speed photography, certain aspects of motion have been made visible, hidden wonders of nature have been revealed, and planets can be observed in new ways. One of the most famous photographs ever taken appeared on the June 1985 cover of National Geographic and featured a 12-year-old Afghan girl with green eyes. The photograph was taken by photojournalist Steve McCurry and captivated the world in a similar way to the portrait of the Mona Lisa and the Iwo Jima flag-raising photograph of World War II.