Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today:December 23, 2009

This is what today looked like....
wake up, its raining outside
go to work
eat lunch at Applebee's with Kathy (had the orange chicken bowl ymmm)
back to work
snowing outside...oh wait that didnt last long
ate dinner
picked up Adri went to target
rented and watched Paper Heart
take Adri home in the snow (yup snow again)
watch Jonas Brothers on E!
go to bed

Peace hope you had a good day!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I love the snow! Trying to stay warm!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Since my last post...and some new!

hey everyone (ok hello to the one person who actually reads this) just wanted to update from what has been going on this month.
First Ashely and Jeorge had the baby and she is so cute! little Alma Sophia was born Nov 22. I have yet to see her in person but I have seen photos on facebook and she is so cute!
Scrap Weekend: SO MUCH FUN! I cant wait until next year so I can go again!
On the 11th I stayed home and had some Dad time which we went to roswell and did lame stuff like paying bills and looking at hardware stores for camper stuff! but it was quality time that we don't get to do often enough.
House sitting was good but they came home alittle early and I didn't get to see the season 2 finally of alias but our Thanksgiving plans changed and J came here so I was able to house sit for them again this weekend and so I have now watched it and glad I didn't see it before cuz I was in the dark but if I had seen it and couldn't go on to the 3rd season then I would have gone crazy till this weekend!(ps thanksgiving was good but at too much still full!)
AZ Weekend was so much fun and not long enough! as it never is but for real this time cuz there is only going to be one more trip to az for me for a while which will be the first weekend in Dec. cuz Dana is moving to Delaware...I know Delaware! but we are not talking about that till the time comes and we more then likely will not be talking about it when the time is here! ANYWAY....NEW MOON WAS AMAZING! and I have even seen it twice when I got back I saw it with Adri and my mom on Wednesday! OY I cant wait till it come on dvd I hate when I love movies and I see them when they first come out...we have to wait for so long! and the 3rd on is coming in June so I'm totally ready for that one since the 2nd and 3rd blend together for me and I thought some stuff was going to happen in this one but its not till the next one! Also we didn't find ugly Christmas sweaters so the search is still on and they will have to wait till next year (if anyone find one that is 3xl or larger buy it and I will pay for it! need it for my dad)
December plans! the first weekend is going to be in AZ as I said and it will be happy and sad but life will go on. then the 12th will be at the church all day watching kids and then starting the 20th or so I will be house sitting for another family till Jan 4th or so they are not to sure on the dates yet. They don't have a computer to use and no dvr so I will be scraping and watching movies so if there is any movies or tv on dvd that you think I should watch let me know!

So I guess that is all for now, I'm off to play farmtown on facebook and watch more Alias..wish me luck!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Crazy Full November

This month is jammed full of fun stuff, every weekend I have something planned. Last weekend I went to a baby shower for Jorge and Ashley for their baby girl who is going to be born any day now.

Starting tomorrow (today?) I'm going to Carlsbad NM for a Scrap Weekend with a lot of ladies I don’t know and one I do, Kathy. I’m going to work in the morning, leave at 11, get lunch and head to Carlsbad . I’m So EXCITED! And I have a lot still to get ready: yesterday I bought my $10 gift (and I was a good girl I only bought for the present and nothing for me even thou there is a class going on next weekend that I was thinking about but decided against it to save money for the summer when I visit Elsie and the RVA Girls!), and I printed little photos for a project that we are doing. Today I need to plan pages and buy the goodies for the snack mix that I’m going to be taking But I only bought the snacks cuz the internet is eating my time. I’m ready to scrap but if I do any now then I will not have enough for this weekend! I also wish that I was going somewhere that had an IKEA cuz they are having a sale on their Swedish Meatball plates for $1. They are so good, so if you live by one go and have some for me.

(p.s. I have the 11th off of work and if I still have scrap stuff to work on I may go to Carlsbad the work in the store or go to Portales to visit J. not sure which I will do but I don’t want to stay home)

Next weekend the 13th-15th I’m going to be house sitting and watching Alias. Last time I house sat for them I got thru season one and the first disc of season two and that was a good stopping point, but I am still excited to see what else is going to happen.

The weekend of the 20th-22nd Im going to be in AZ visiting Dana and watching NEW MOON! I will also be going to thrift shops in search of some (ugly) Christmas sweaters for the Family photo this year. Mom has hers (because she likes them) and I can borrow one from her but I need one that is not to girly for J and one big enough for Dad. Not sure what other shopping we will do because I’m not sure how much money I will have but I would like to go to IKEA to look around, maybe take some photos, and get some meatballs even if they aren’t a dollar they will still be good!

Thanksgiving is the 26th and we are going to Portales to see J cuz he has to work but then I will be back home for the weekend recuperating from all the turkey. We are also planning to take our Christmas photo granted we get the sweaters.

The next weekend after that is the start of December and quiets down, or so I think so far. I will be catching up on DVR and resting till the Christmas holiday.

Well that is what I’m doing in the next few weeks can you keep up?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Really Want to See these Movies!

500 Days of Summer! It has 2 of my favorite Actors in it Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel so great thats all I have to say! It was a preview for My Sisters Keeper and the sound was on but the picture was not so we didnt know what the movie was or who was in it then I recognized Zooey's voice and I knew I had to check it out! Comming July 17 Hope it comes to Roswell!

Post Grad! Alexis Bledel, I love her movies and when she was on Gilmore Girls and was wondering where she would go after the show. This looks like a great movie to continue her career. This movie is sort of where I am...trying to find out what I need to do with my life! Comming August 21

Away We Go! With Favorite Actor John Krasinski, it looks like a fun movie trying to find yourself while you are in a bind. Just looks so funny. Hope its not one of those movies that shows all the funny parts in the preview! Limited playing now/not in Roswell will have to wait till it comes out on DVD!

Watch it here:

Julie & Julia:
Amy Adams is hot right now, she is in everything! and I love they parts that she plays! Another one about finding yourself....I wonder if that means anything about me? Hmmm anyway it looks really good! Coming August 7th

The Ugly Truth:
Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler What a these kind of movies where the guy helps the girl get a guy (or the other way around) and then they fall for each other! Coming July 24th

Friday, June 19, 2009

Check out a new friends Blog

She just posted her 10,000 that's just plain amazing! I'm lucky if I get a post once a month and she has done so much! Go Check her out and read how funny she is!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun Songs!

1. Don't Wake Me Up by Represent!
2. C'mon (On my own) by Chester French
3. Sideways by Dierks Bentley
Watch video Here
4. Steppin Out by Manafest
5. Spotlight by Mute Math
Watch video Here
6. Let's Dance by Hawk Nelson
7. Closer to Love by Mat Kearney
Watch the video Here
8. One Day I'll Find You by Poema
9. Day N' Night By Kid Cudi
10. Hot Air Balloon by Owl City

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hair Cut!

Whoot I got my hair cut...but why do i have to be so passive? I like my hair don't get me wrong but its not really what I had in mind. I just didn't explain what I exactly wanted and I didn't show the pic. When I think I'm getting better at being bold I chicken out! OY also I didn't go to the place I went before and liked because "no one is working on Saturday" Why was no one working...on a Saturday...ugg. so I went to another place and all I could think when she was cutting my hair was I wonder what Tabitha from Tabitha's salon take over (Brovo) would say about this place. the employees were hiding each others food, yelling for the food back, and not cleaning up the hair they just cut. ok you can check them out but then come clean your station...then she cut another guys hair with nasty hair on the floor. I will not be going back there. Oy

Sunday, May 03, 2009

10 Love Sunday

I love Elsie's idea of fave thing sundays so Im following suit...

1. ELSIE! she rocks my world

2. Farm Life on facebook! I started yesterday and now I cant stop!

3. Poema

4. Flo from the Progressive commercials!

I love the one where the lady said she could buy shoes with her savings and Flo wants a big tripped out nametag! ha Great!

5. Grey's Anatomy
I love this show and I missed it last Thursday but I have it recorded and will watch it early this next week and then I will be able to watch the new one this Thursday!

6. House sitting, pj, and the Internet!
That is what I have been doing all weekend and I love it....just doing nothing...having no responsibilities and just being lazy.

7. KA on: Slankets
She is amazing and funny! you should watch all her videos!


She may be coming to visit soon! Miss her so much!

9. The Fashion Show
this show is replacing project runway which is moving to Lifetime but im excited for another fashion show!

10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
that stuff is so good it never makes it to actually cookies!

That's all for this week not sure if I will keep this up but its a good plan!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Farm Town

I'm totally addicted to farm town on facebook...its so sad i have been on all day! my facebook status has almost expired and had to renew it twice! wow I have no life. well im house sitting for the spirlins and stole J's computer so i was able to be on the computer all day!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hanging out with people that were not my Family!

I know crazy right. So it was my small group at church but I really only go to that on Mondays when J can go as well. So we had a Picnic and played a little Frisbee golf..well mostly watched and laughed but i did trow a couple of times and stunk!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Ok so I have seen a couple of movies in the past month and there are a lot more that i would love to see. My brothers birthday was Jan 29th and he wanted to see a movie and go to dinner so we went to see Hotel for Dogs cuz that was the only movie that was out that he wanted to see and I told him that he should have waited a week and there were a lot of really good movies that were going to open (i.e. Push, Coraline, and He's just not that into you) so we saw it and it was pretty good for being PG and seeing it with the rents and J. Then just today I saw Push with a coworker, his sister, and Sarah. J was going to come cuz he said he had off but he got his weeks confused and so he has next weekend off when I will be in az. Anyway since he couldn't come I didn't want to go with just Jeff and his sister so I asked one friend and her aunt just died and was going to be out of town. Ok so i really only have 2 friends so my chances that Sarah were really slim but she came threw! and I was very excited! The movie: i thought it was pretty good. it did have its times that were kinda slow and the beginning was really slow but the end was great even though they totally set it up for a second one. I hate when movies do that! One of the previews was that of the new x-men movie about the origin of Wolverine! It comes out on May 1st so Im going to see if my dad wants to see it for his birthday!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

oy not keepin up

Wow one of the things that I wanted to do in 2009 was to blog more but have I been doing that...NO! and why is this you ask? Well for one I don't have a lot of internet time and I have lots to do while I'm on and then 2nd I really don't know what to write about. I was never really good at writing in a journal about everyday life and this is only an online journal for me. Let me think what has been going on with me.........................................thinking.......................................

ok well this week I went to Small group on Monday and it was ok we talked about being in a christian bubble. I know I fall into that just cuz I don't have a lot of friends and finding new ones in Roswell is kinda hard...where to look? Tuesday I stayed in my bubble and went to bible study which was about Easter and being overwhelmed with life. Then tonight I was going to babysit at the church but there were no little little ones so I got to go home/go to starbucks early. My Co-Worker was out sick yesterday and today so I had to do a lot more work but it was sort of ok because the middle of the week is slower then on Monday and Friday. I really hope he is back tomorrow cuz I like my desk!

This weekend Im planning to catch up on my recorded shows and Scrapbook. I really need to finish the books from Lubbock cuz Amber keeps bugging me!

Next weekend I'm going to AZ! IM so excited. Dana is getting married so we are doing some planning and having her bridal shower! Oy IM SO EXCITED!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2008 in Review

On December 31 I was listening to the radio and they were talking about what was their favorite memory of the year and that got me thinking so here is my year in review!
January: Rachel's Wedding was the 4th -6th in Mexico and it was a crazy time...just like Rachel!
February: The 7th-9th was CHA/Meeting Elsie for the 2nd time/Meeting "SIS"ters. CHA is always fun, getting to see all of the new products that are going to be coming out and getting to visit with Elsie is always a good time! I also got to meet some of the SIS Girls at Roundtable Pizza. All of them are fun and i wish we could have hung out longer or got to get together more. I drove back to NM on the 16th-17th. This was not a planned event (moving back home) but I am here now and a lot has happened since I have been back....continue reading!
March: Winning the Roswell Shop Hop! We had a shop hop in CA with scrap stores and when I came back to NM I found out thaey were doing one with local sores so I went to all of them to get my stamp and it ended up that I WON! What a nice welcome home gift!
April: April 1st I HAVE A JOB! I started at the Bank of the Southwest as a Proof Operator
May: My brother Jeremiah graduated from HS. It was a great time for the family to come together and hang out. This was the first time in a while that I was able to go to a family function because I was so far away.
June: Back in 2007 our main church building was burnt pretty bad so we were using the youth building (which is way smaller) while it was being rebuilt. It reopened this month and were able to enjoy the new building!
July: Yes I saw fireworks in Ca at Disneyland but never on the 4th. This year I was with my family at the lake. Also Jeremiah got an Apple computer with his graduation money and the nice brother that he is lets me barrow it, increasing my time at starbucks on the internet!
August: The Bank had been doing some remodeling and the Bookkeeping department was planning on moving up to the 3rd floor when all of it was done and finally on the 6th we were able to move up! I also got to go to CA for a very short time on the 9th-10th for Tiffany and Chris's Wedding. On the 9th I shopped and hug out with all my peeps the the wonderful wedding was on the 10th. My Birthday was on the 31st so to celebrate my mom, friend Amber, and I went to ABQ to go to Santa Fe and Freedom Fest.....continued into September.
September: For the rest of my Birthday we went shopping in Abq which we dont have a lot of here in Roswell
October: I got to teach my very first Scrap Class. Yes I have taught some techniques before but this was my first class where I made something and teach how I put it together! It was a small turn out and there were multiple difficulties but we pulled through and it was a great class.
November: I GOT A CAR! if you have read my previous post about my car you know all of the craziness that went with it but all in all I was just excited to get a car to call my own ok well I call it Roon but whatever. on the 21st -23rd I was in AZ visiting Dana and Rachel and watching TWILIGHT! Thanksgiving was also a fun time. Went to my grandmothers where my little cousins were also there and they are growing up so fast especially since I haven't seen them in a long time.
December: In closing out the year my brother got himself an X-Box 360 with Guitar Hero so you know what I will be doing in 09. My boss and his wife had their baby on the 27th and my dad had surgery on his ankle on the 31st.

For 2009 I plan to:
Travel more
Read at least 30 Books
Save for my own Apple Computer
Scrap More
and Blog More