Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eventful Morning

Wow! I woke up by the sounds of the rosters crowing away and the sun shining on my face. I was all nice and tosty in my bed and the house was cold. My mother has already put me to work with the kids at the church (I have to leave in a few min). We have 2 cars for 3 people so I came to school with my brother to meet my mother (she works in the Library at the Middle School) but before we went to school we had to stop and feed the horses. On driving to the ranch we saw a cow on the side of the road and it happened to be one of the ones that they take care of. So we (and by we I mean my brother) had to put it back in the pins. By the time that he had chases it farther down the road and came back to the truck it had disapeared (hopefully back in the pen). On the way to school we had to pick up some bags of trash on the side of the road because they happened to be ours. On my fathers way to work this morning they blew out of the trailer. but we couldnt get to them because of the cow....they are still there. Man what have I gotten myself into! Hope your day was as eventful as mine.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I know...two post in one day!

But I just figured this out and I thought I should let you know....when I was playing at IMDB I came across this picture of Jason Schwartzman:
and I was like "why is he in a photo with the lead singer of Rooney"...well it ends up that THEY ARE BROTHERS! I know...Crazy right. Why did I not realize this sooner...I don't know but I do think its and interesting tid bit!


The writer strike is almost/is now over! I'm so excited for all of my shows to be back! Well now that they are coming back I'm going to be in a place where we don't get most of those channels....but once I get a job I'm telling the parents that I'm getting Cable and Internet...I know they don't have Internet! I don't now how I will survive until I get a job! Which shows are you excited to come back?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Heart CHA!

Today was CHA Day! How Exciting! I woke up early and got to the show early with Cindy and Elaine and walked around doing make in takes and looking at all of the new product that I want the store to order even thou Im not going to be here I saw stuff that I want to buy when it comes out. Then Megan and Chelsea came and we walked and hung out having fun lookin at all of the wonderful new product! I meet and took pics with Heidi Swap and Elsie. I ahd meet Elsie before and I love her and the stuff that she comes up with..she is so talented!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Across The Universe Day!

Whoot Whoot One of my favorite Movies came out today...Across the Universe! Today is a Happy Day! I am the Egg-Man, They are the Egg-men I am the Walrus Goo goo g'joob

I've just seen a face
I can't forget the time or place
Where we just met

She's just the girl for me
And I want all the world
to see we've met
Mmm, mmm, mmm,mmm mmm mmm

Had it been another day
I might have looked the other way
And I'd have never been aware
But as it is I'll dream of her tonight
La, di, di, da di di

Falling, yes I am falling
And she keeps calling
Me back again

I have never known the like of this
I've been alone and I have missed things
And Kept out of sight
For other girls were never quite like this
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm mmm mmm

Falling, yes I am falling
And she keeps calling
Me back again

Falling, yes I am falling
And she keeps calling
Me back again

Falling, yes I am falling
And she keeps calling
Me back again

Oh,falling, yes I am falling
And she keeps calling
Me back again

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Not wanting to move

There has been a lot of ish going on in my life for a while and more in the last week and more to come I know. My car is dead and have decied the only thing that is really logical is to move back to New Mexico to be with my family. Hopefully I can come back to CA because I really love it here and the people I have met but Im not sure when that will happen or even if it will. One thing that I will miss the most is the college group that I have been going to for only a few weeks..actually the first time I even went was the day before I found out that my car was dead and that I was going home. The group is really fun and I wish that I had more time to spend with them but I dont want to get to close now because Im leaving in a few weeks and I dont want to be too sad on leaving then I alread am. We dont have a college/young adult group at my home church so I dont know what will happen when I go home...I will look around and hopefully find something as good as what is here.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I feel so Loved!

I Have been TAGGED!

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