Sunday, January 23, 2011

I wish we had snow


Please read the following blog by Adam of Owl City

Then watch following video:

Wow I wish I had words on how much I really want to do both of these things! Im guessing I need to move north and or to the east!

ps I need to find a guy how is as random as Adam and would do these crazy things with me!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

My Goals for 2011

Here are some goals that I have for the following year...
1. Have a Tea Party
2. Make my room Scrap Friendly
3. Make a Cool Tent/have a photo shoot
4. Sell A Card I have made (not making it to hard only one card)
5. Bubble Tea Party
6. Have a Craft Fair with Friends
7. Change my Hair Drastically
8. Make headbands to sell/for Friends
9. Lose 20 lbs
10. Discover new bands
11. Get a Bike/Seat Completed 1-5
12. Support the Local Arts
13. Video Chat with Dana
15. Take Christmas Family Photos
16. Get caught up on my payments on my Student Loans
17. Bake Fun Treats for Work Eat Days
18. Scrap Month in Review Page each Month
19. Participate in an Online Crop
20. Buy a Camera for everyday use
21. Make hand mirror wall
22. Work on My Procrastination

Lets see how well I do!