Monday, November 13, 2006


Only one more week till Thanksgiving Vacation! I cant wait...I will be working during that week but no school! I have so much to do so I hope I dont procrastinate to much because if I do then I wont get anything done! So much to do so little time!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

This weekend!

This weekend was A-Maizng but way to short. My Friend Dana came to visit from Arizona. (we went to school together and she graduated, stayed in Cali for a year then thought it would be better to go back to AZ) We had so much fun. She arrived on Thursday night and we went to Starbucks and Taco Bell. Sara came as well and it seemed like old times, which I have missed.
Friday I still had class and a stupid thing to sing at but then it was off to Disneyland! Which since it was a holiday weekend (veterens day...I didnt have school out :( but Im not bitter) and there was some filming for the disney christmas special and I just found out that it was the first day that dland was dressed up for the Christmas season It was really buzy, dland was actually not selling tickets and later in the night they werent even letting APs in. (we know this cuz Sara was going to join up with us) Since it was so buzy we didnt get all of the rides in becuase the lines were way to long and we were getting hungry. We ate at Olive Garden, did Starbucks, and went to see Saw III. Crazy movie but really good.
Saturday we were going to "do brunch" with Eddie but It ended up Eddie eating food and me and Dana dringking lemonaid at the food court in the mall and then walking around. That was very interesting but any time with Eddie is interesting. Then we went to one of Dana's friends Rachels baby shower. It was fun and we ate but not alot cuz it didnt look that apitizing. We didnt stay long because we were off to Disneyland again. It was sitll buzy but much better. After Dland we when to Knotts because it was sadies and we thought it would be was sort of fun but I could have done without it.
Today we went to church and went to IHOP and had some good food. Then she had to go and is now driving back/almost home. I will miss her but I will see her in passing when I go home for Christmas. and she is planning to come back duing her break to go to disneylad aging befor her pass is up on Jan 14.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Today is my Mothers Birthday, my Cousins bithday, and an old friends brithday. I called my mom she had a good day, my cuz is only 3 and I dont really talk to her and my old friend...well I wish I could talk to her. We were friends in High school, she was two years younger then me/we went to the same church and our parents were friends we became real friends in High school. Our church split at the beginning of my High school years then there was sort of another split the summer before college...that is when her and I sort of split as well cuz we didnt see eachother and I dont communicate well if I dont see you on a regular basis. Things happened she got married moved out and I wish that I could have talked to her when all of that happened but that was a few years ago and I only hear things about her through my mother through her mother but for a while they werent even talking (my friend and her mother that is) well long story short I just email her a birthday greeting to the email address that I have and I hope that she still has it and that she will email me back. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Why do we tell pleople to have fun in the time of leaving. For example Im at work and my coworking is leaving, in telling me goodbye she tells me to have fun. Im at work for goodness sakes how much fun can I Have!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wedding Dress

Wait stop what you are thinking....Its not my dress and I'm not getting married. IM no where close to getting married. But I did go wedding dress shoppin with my roommate today. She is getting married in June. We (as in me, her and my other roommate) had so much fun! She was so excited and the dress she bought is A-Mazing, it is so pretty and she was just glowing. It kind of made me want to get married and there is no one in my life that I would like to date let alone marry. The next best thing would be a brides maid but I'm not even that. My other roommate is and I didn't think I would think so poorly that she didn't ask me to be one as I am. I just feel like I wasn't a good enough roommate/friend for her to choose me. What could I have done, nothing I suppose. But it still makes me a little sad and distant. On a happy note we did go to the rainforest cafe for dinner and it was amazing then we went to golden spoon, which was also good, and then came back to the room and watched some Grey's Anatomy which is always A-mazing!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wow A month!

It has been a month since my last blog how sad lots has happened but I will just talk about what has happened today!
Today was the employee crop at work which was fun. I got some pages done but not as many as I had hoped. I just wasn't motivated. Sad I know so then the pages are half done and I will have to go back and Journal on them which I really hate doing. Why cant journaling be more fun.
Tonight I have realized that I go to the yogurt place way to much....they are beginning to know me! Crazy I know! On Friday Sara and I had talked about getting the New York Cheesecake with fruit next time and for the past two nights (tonight included) I have gotten it with strawberries and Kiwi....and you know what....Its A-Mazing! It is so good and healthy for me!
At the moment I am also editing pictures from Kristi and Zach's wedding so that I can order them and then Scrapbook them ! Im so excited!
Its getting kind of early so I should be going to bed soon but Im not really that tired and then I will just be laying in be not going to sleep so why not be productive! Ok Bye!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Computer!

I wish I had one! My current computer is really old and is not compatable with my camera and Ipod...that makes me really sad cuz then you peeps dont get to see any new photos and I dont get to listen to cool music. Hopefully I will convence my parents to go half on a new laptop for my Birthday that is in the end of August!

Anyway the whole reason for that whole speelle is that I did the most A-Mazing Scrapbook page tonight! I would like to thank Elsie Flannigan for the insperation that she gives me! I will take pics and will post them but it will take a few days so dont get mad they are comming!

This is me! Im starting this blog to tell about my life...I have myspace but it seems to impersonal and I like it here much better!

Today was an A-mazing day! I havent had one of these in a long time!
First off my Hair was amazing this morning. I was to lazy to straighten my hair so I put it in messy piggy braids and they turned out really cool! I will post a pic later!

Second the Library went really fast and I got to listen to Calebs crazy story of his motorcycle trip. and that was the first time that I really laughted in a long time...yes I laugh at everything but this was crazy laughter and I laugh just to get a little attention!

Third...I got a package...ok so it was stuff that I bought online but it was still a package! It was from Amazon that had my wicker park soundtrack cd and PostSecret by Frank Warren....It is such an amazing book. it is filled with postcards of secrets. Im almost done with it cuz I cant put it down here are some that have jumped out at me or just made me laugh:
"there are two kinds of secrets:those we keep forom others and those we hide from ourselves."
"I waste office supplies because I hate my boss."
"When I was a young teenager I used to babysit my next door neighbours son. When he was asleep I would go into their bedroom and go through their bedside drawers. I found a packet of condoms. I put a pin through the middle of each of them, and thus ensured myself another 5 years of babysitting."
"I got a parking citation and so did the car next ot me. I replaced the ticket on the car next to me with mine. My ticket got paid. and the one I took? I mailed it to postsecret. "(it was for $50)
"When people upset me I draw pictures of them on buses going to Hell, disaster or Ohio." (ha ha I want to go to Ohio someday so that really makes me laught!)
"I give decaf to customers who are RUDE to me!" (on a starbucks cut out cup)