Saturday, November 08, 2008


Wow what an experience it has been buying a new car! I really needed a new car because of the fact that the one i was driving was a van (not to say the vans are bad) that none of the doors opened properly, the heater and air didn't work, the radio didn't work, the gas guage was messed up, and it raddled like no other! so i went to the car dealership just to see if i could get a car cuz in don't get payed a lot and didn't know how my credit was. after a really long day at the car place i drove away in a silver version on the one i owned cuz they sold me the wrong car and mine would not be ready for a few days. Then only 7 hours after owning "my" car I hoped a curb and sliced my two right tires! what an adventure this car has been so far!