Thursday, June 21, 2007

Finally a photo post!

So after my way fun weekend Ive had a very busy week so I have not posted anything about hanging out with Rachel or the wedding! Well Here we go....All weekend it seemed we were always in the car going somewhere. I arrived in Washington on Friday Morning and hung out at Rachel's house in Everett until we went to the boys and girls club to make dinner. After dinner we drove into Seattle and went to Cupcake Royale, an amazing cupcake place. We got the cupcakes then drove to her parents house in Shelton to pick up her moms car (cuz its newer and has a radio/cd player) Then we were on our way to Oregon. We did arrive in OR before 12 so I was in 3 states and the whole west coast of the U.S. on Thursday! Friday the girls did hair and makeup at Jessicas house and then when to the church to finnish getting ready. The wedding was so pretty and fun. It was a little cool but it didnt rain until the very end of the reception! The cerimony was so fun, it was small and sort of interactive! The reception we fun as well! After the wedding it was off to WA agian. But before we went back home we went to the beach and ate more cupcakes! Sunday was fathers day so we hung out at Rachels House in Shelton with her family. Her dad made some burgers and it was really good. Then we went back to Everette so we could rest to get up early to take me to the airport. Over All the trip was short and we did alot of driving but It was really fun!

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RachelDenbow said...

Elsie and I have that same cupcake picture from the Cupcake Royale stop we made when she came to visit me in Seattle!!! How fun is that?!!!