Monday, October 08, 2007

So much yet not a lot

That is what I have been feeling much has happened but nothing really of much to do but not enough time/motivation to do much time has gone by with not a lot done. I'm just really burnt out on life, I need a real vacation but don't have time for one. One thing that has come out of this is the issue of school. I'm going to be like all of the people I disapprove of and take a break of school when I only have a semester left. In reality I believe its the best thing to do for the moment...I know, I know I only have 1 semester left buck up and finish...but I can't. I'm so over school, I'm not motivated to do anything and its not worth it to take to courses and fail them...wast of time, money and energy. Plus I don't have money to pay for it. and it was going to end up that me and my brother were going to graduate on the same day...I know thats not a really good excuse but really it is, that way my family only has one thing to worry about and not having to figure out who will go where and miss the other one. Please pray for me as I'm going through this transition and for me not feeling like such a loser.


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Lisa said...

Wow - you just described everything I feel right now - minus the school thing!! So much to do - no motivation - that's me!!! I have tons to do - tons of housework, scrapwork, getting a job work and I'm not motivated. Maybe the change of seasons will help me. I think taking a break from school will help you! I'll keep you in my thoughts - just be sure to go back and do that one last semester!! I quit for a year when I had three semesters left, but my son was really sick and my husband and me both dropped out to take care of him. I hated to do it, but my son was more important then and when we went back - my husband finished one semester earlier and we were both in it full head on ready to go!! You'll do just fine!