Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our little farm

Look at our cute little farm...we have a bull. Who's name is Bucky. and lots of roosters/a few chickens. The chickens have been having eggs and they are tasty. We will be having Bucky for meet some day but I will not eat him. A Great Adventure At the Farm....some new people bought the land behind and around us and now have cattle on the land. So the other day one of their cows got into our gate and started eating Bucky's food! So I called my dad but he was in a meeting and then I called my mom. in that process the cow started to walk away then started to talk to Bucky...after the cow was almost gone and I thought I was in the good...Bucky got out and started to jump around....and towards me. It ended with my mom getting my brother out of school so he could catch Bucky and put him back where he anywhere near me!

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