Saturday, December 13, 2008

Poor doggies!

Our dogs Nic and Buddy have a small yard to call their own but every once in a while when dad is working outside he lets them out and they get to run free! They usually stay around that house and property, and only sometimes do they run farther but are back later at night. Well two Thursday nights ago they didn’t come back. We were so sad to see them go and were just waiting for them to come back. When my mother and I come home form church on Sunday we saw a black blob and it was nic…he had returned home! He was exhausted and hungry but other then that ok. But where was Buddy? Nic was so sad with out buddy but we hoped that he would be ok. Then on Wednesday morning I saw two black dogs in our yard. Buddy was back! but he was limping and his front right paw looked hurt. Jeremiah said that the pad was cut but he didn't get a good look at it. Then Yesterday my dad was able to get a good look at it and it was a pretty large cut so he took him to the vet and it ended up that he had a BULLET in his foot! CRAZY! so he had surgery and now is on 'bed rest' meaning he has to be inside (which he is not allowed) because it cant get wet and we have to be watching him so he doesn't hurt it more or rip off the wrapping.

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