Wednesday, February 04, 2009

oy not keepin up

Wow one of the things that I wanted to do in 2009 was to blog more but have I been doing that...NO! and why is this you ask? Well for one I don't have a lot of internet time and I have lots to do while I'm on and then 2nd I really don't know what to write about. I was never really good at writing in a journal about everyday life and this is only an online journal for me. Let me think what has been going on with me.........................................thinking.......................................

ok well this week I went to Small group on Monday and it was ok we talked about being in a christian bubble. I know I fall into that just cuz I don't have a lot of friends and finding new ones in Roswell is kinda hard...where to look? Tuesday I stayed in my bubble and went to bible study which was about Easter and being overwhelmed with life. Then tonight I was going to babysit at the church but there were no little little ones so I got to go home/go to starbucks early. My Co-Worker was out sick yesterday and today so I had to do a lot more work but it was sort of ok because the middle of the week is slower then on Monday and Friday. I really hope he is back tomorrow cuz I like my desk!

This weekend Im planning to catch up on my recorded shows and Scrapbook. I really need to finish the books from Lubbock cuz Amber keeps bugging me!

Next weekend I'm going to AZ! IM so excited. Dana is getting married so we are doing some planning and having her bridal shower! Oy IM SO EXCITED!

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