Thursday, November 05, 2009

Crazy Full November

This month is jammed full of fun stuff, every weekend I have something planned. Last weekend I went to a baby shower for Jorge and Ashley for their baby girl who is going to be born any day now.

Starting tomorrow (today?) I'm going to Carlsbad NM for a Scrap Weekend with a lot of ladies I don’t know and one I do, Kathy. I’m going to work in the morning, leave at 11, get lunch and head to Carlsbad . I’m So EXCITED! And I have a lot still to get ready: yesterday I bought my $10 gift (and I was a good girl I only bought for the present and nothing for me even thou there is a class going on next weekend that I was thinking about but decided against it to save money for the summer when I visit Elsie and the RVA Girls!), and I printed little photos for a project that we are doing. Today I need to plan pages and buy the goodies for the snack mix that I’m going to be taking But I only bought the snacks cuz the internet is eating my time. I’m ready to scrap but if I do any now then I will not have enough for this weekend! I also wish that I was going somewhere that had an IKEA cuz they are having a sale on their Swedish Meatball plates for $1. They are so good, so if you live by one go and have some for me.

(p.s. I have the 11th off of work and if I still have scrap stuff to work on I may go to Carlsbad the work in the store or go to Portales to visit J. not sure which I will do but I don’t want to stay home)

Next weekend the 13th-15th I’m going to be house sitting and watching Alias. Last time I house sat for them I got thru season one and the first disc of season two and that was a good stopping point, but I am still excited to see what else is going to happen.

The weekend of the 20th-22nd Im going to be in AZ visiting Dana and watching NEW MOON! I will also be going to thrift shops in search of some (ugly) Christmas sweaters for the Family photo this year. Mom has hers (because she likes them) and I can borrow one from her but I need one that is not to girly for J and one big enough for Dad. Not sure what other shopping we will do because I’m not sure how much money I will have but I would like to go to IKEA to look around, maybe take some photos, and get some meatballs even if they aren’t a dollar they will still be good!

Thanksgiving is the 26th and we are going to Portales to see J cuz he has to work but then I will be back home for the weekend recuperating from all the turkey. We are also planning to take our Christmas photo granted we get the sweaters.

The next weekend after that is the start of December and quiets down, or so I think so far. I will be catching up on DVR and resting till the Christmas holiday.

Well that is what I’m doing in the next few weeks can you keep up?

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