Sunday, October 24, 2010

Music for my moods

I love Music and I have such a random taste in here we go!


  1. Vampire by Antsy Pants
  2. Oh, Happiness by David Crowder Band
  3. Caterpillar Playground by Nurses


  1. I never told you by Colbie Calittat
  2. Where Do My Bluebird Fly by The Tallest Man on Earth
  3. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap


  1. I will Possess Your Heat by Death Cab
  2. Dance so Good by Wakey!Wakey!
  3. Popular by Wicked the Musical


  1. Dance or Die by Family Force 5 (really anything by them!)
  2. Ruby Blue by Roisin Murphy
  3. Lets Dance by Hawk Nelson


  1. You Don't Know Me by Ben Folds
  2. I Hate Everyone by Get Set Go
  3. My Eyes Burn by Matchbook Romance

Ps. this is needing to go on my tumblr blog but it was being special and I didn't want to loose it

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