Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wedding Dress

Wait stop what you are thinking....Its not my dress and I'm not getting married. IM no where close to getting married. But I did go wedding dress shoppin with my roommate today. She is getting married in June. We (as in me, her and my other roommate) had so much fun! She was so excited and the dress she bought is A-Mazing, it is so pretty and she was just glowing. It kind of made me want to get married and there is no one in my life that I would like to date let alone marry. The next best thing would be a brides maid but I'm not even that. My other roommate is and I didn't think I would think so poorly that she didn't ask me to be one as I am. I just feel like I wasn't a good enough roommate/friend for her to choose me. What could I have done, nothing I suppose. But it still makes me a little sad and distant. On a happy note we did go to the rainforest cafe for dinner and it was amazing then we went to golden spoon, which was also good, and then came back to the room and watched some Grey's Anatomy which is always A-mazing!

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