Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just love fog! ok well not driving in it but I didnt have to do that So I love Fog! I love walking through it, smelling it (thou in Southern CA its a little different then home), I love Feeling it. Fog is so much fun. (if you didnt get it, it was foggy this morning on my way to the library!)

On another note Robin asked why I dont have any photos on my blog? Well I dont know if she means of stuff or of my scrapbooking stuff (because she was also talking about that) But I do have a few but they dont show up everytime and I dont know why that is. and also my computer doesnt like me very much with photos and my camera and anything to do with other types of technology! Anyway if you would like to see some of my scrapbooking stuff you can check me out at or the link to the right that says Me at TwoPeas! I have some stuff on there not alot for the same reason as above but I do have some! Hope you enjoy them!


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