Sunday, February 11, 2007

I know...but Still

ok this is going to be me ranting and being a little depressed so if you dont like it stop reading! And I know I am a great person and the right guy will come around....God has his timing....but I dont have anyone to really talk to so Im typing it out and everything at the moment is all out the window! I have been hearing my roommate talk about her wedding all weekend and Im happy for her, I am, but I cant handle it. And to top it off Valentines day is on Wednesday! Alot of people around me/people my age are getting engaged/married/already married and Im no where close! is all about love and Valentines and there is one about finding first love at 45! I dont want to wait that long! but then again I dont want to fall in love with a creap and things to be crazy. I dont know what else to say that wont make me sound like Im totally loosing it so Im just going to say The End.

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