Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Junie B. Jones Makes me Smile!

She is Just A-Mazing! In my Childrens Lit class we are on the contemporaty fictions portion and I picked Junie B. If you have not read any of her books (There are alot and she begins in Kindergarden!) Then you are really missing something! She is a hoot! Here is a little tid bit:

"I stopped writing and raised my hand. Mr. Scary was not looking at me. When teachers don't look, you have to stand up and shout. Or else how are they supposed to notice you? I Stuood up and shouted. MR.S! MR. S! HOW LONG UNTIL WE HAVE SHOW-AND-TELL, DO YOU THINK? Mr. Scary wrinkled his eyebrows at me. I am no supposed to call him Mr. S, I believe. Please sit down, Junie B. he said Its still journal time. and Journal time is quiet time. I nodded, Yeah, I know. only I's actually like to wrap things up and get started with Show-and-Tell now. Mr. Scary sucked in his cheeks. Sit down, he said again. We will have Show-and-Tell shortly. I looked at the clock. How many minutes is shortly? I asked. Is it one minute or eight minutes or eleven minutes? On account of if its only one minute, I can wait, probabley. But eleven minutes would be out the the question."

Next time you are in a bookstore or in the book section of a store check out Junie B. She will make your day bright!

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