Sunday, May 03, 2009

10 Love Sunday

I love Elsie's idea of fave thing sundays so Im following suit...

1. ELSIE! she rocks my world

2. Farm Life on facebook! I started yesterday and now I cant stop!

3. Poema

4. Flo from the Progressive commercials!

I love the one where the lady said she could buy shoes with her savings and Flo wants a big tripped out nametag! ha Great!

5. Grey's Anatomy
I love this show and I missed it last Thursday but I have it recorded and will watch it early this next week and then I will be able to watch the new one this Thursday!

6. House sitting, pj, and the Internet!
That is what I have been doing all weekend and I love it....just doing nothing...having no responsibilities and just being lazy.

7. KA on: Slankets
She is amazing and funny! you should watch all her videos!


She may be coming to visit soon! Miss her so much!

9. The Fashion Show
this show is replacing project runway which is moving to Lifetime but im excited for another fashion show!

10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
that stuff is so good it never makes it to actually cookies!

That's all for this week not sure if I will keep this up but its a good plan!

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