Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hair Cut!

Whoot I got my hair cut...but why do i have to be so passive? I like my hair don't get me wrong but its not really what I had in mind. I just didn't explain what I exactly wanted and I didn't show the pic. When I think I'm getting better at being bold I chicken out! OY also I didn't go to the place I went before and liked because "no one is working on Saturday" Why was no one working...on a Saturday...ugg. so I went to another place and all I could think when she was cutting my hair was I wonder what Tabitha from Tabitha's salon take over (Brovo) would say about this place. the employees were hiding each others food, yelling for the food back, and not cleaning up the hair they just cut. ok you can check them out but then come clean your station...then she cut another guys hair with nasty hair on the floor. I will not be going back there. Oy

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