Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Ha Ha yeah right!

Fact of the Day: snowflakes
Ice crystals from clouds fall as snow. Moisture freezes on the crystals, which combine to make snowflakes. Large snowflakes, formed when the temperature is above freezing, fall as wet snow. Dry, powdery snow falls in extremely cold weather but its snowflakes do not stick together well. Each snowflake is a collection of ice crystals, which are usually hexagonal but may also be needle-shaped or columnar. No two crystals are identical; their shape depends on where they form in the cloud and the temperature changes each flake experiences as it is forming. The formation of the crystals is a complex process leading to an almost infinite number of possible variations. In theory, it is possible for two snowflakes to be precisely the same, but the probability of complex water molecules being distributed in the same configuration in two different snowflakes is next to zero.

Man I wish there was snowflakes! The weather has been so crazy the past few days...its been so hot...record highs! It needs to stop its messing with my sleep...cant sleep during the night and to hot to do anything so Im sleepy!

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Cammeron said...

I can't sleep when I'm hot either, but I also cant sleep without covers, therefore it has to be really cold in my room or there will be no sleep for me!