Friday, March 09, 2007

Dr. Glenn Cadzow

Move over Elsie I have a new Hero....Ok well He is the Hero for the day! He is my Science Teacher this semester (and Last semester and all Science classes) And He is just a Hoot. I don't do good in Science but I like going to class just to see what he says. Like today he was talking about getting our grades online and he said "The name is Cadzow not Superman. The only thing that bothers me on the Periodic table is element 36 (I think that's the number-klh).......that's Kryptonite!"Our topic today was about Pressures and when we were talking about deep sea pressure he explained that he was sad that the Monterey Bay Aquarium got rid of the deep sea exhibit and that he didn't sleep for two days! That's not the half of it. He is always complaining that he doesn't have enough board space, calls everything "beasts" and hates the periodic table that we have in the classroom because it snaps up so he calls it the anti-christ! Man He is A-Mazing He makes me Laugh almost every class!


Cammeron said...

Technically it isn't sad about the piano. It was given to us by my old art teacher and it has been through a fire which gave it the coolest crackly finish so it is gorgeous BUT... I don't play anymore and my husband likes to pile all of his crap ALL OVER IT causing it to be a major eyesore :) SOOOO I've decide to use our space more wisely!

Cammeron said...

I just love teachers like that. I was never good at History and one year I had the most amazing history teacher and everything just clicked.