Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This weekend was great and has spilled over into to the week! Very exciting....lets start from the beginning!
Thursday...Greys was A-Mazing! They are setting it up so well for Addison to leave and have her own show but George cant go! I will not allow it! October road was also good and I'm sad that it was the season finale, but I think it will be coming back for another season so that is good.

Friday....work was ok then I went shopping for clothes for that night and I had to get a pink shirt for Scrappin on Saturday cuz I didn't own one. I went to old navy and was a good girl only bought a pink shirt (way cute, may even were it for reals) Whoot whoot for clubbing! It was so much fun! It was a friends Birthday so we went to Universal Studios City walk and went to a Salsa Club (which had a VIP section and was high class) and then to another less classy club that was playing fun 70's-now Videos! I didn't dance to much at the salsa club but the other one was way fun and would like to go back!

Saturday....I thought I would be tired and not ready for work but I was so hipper! It was the Tour de Crop and so we had like a bazillion people at the store shopping, doing make'n takes, and just having fun. I made the mistake of telling my fellow employees that I went to a salsa club and they wanted to see me dance so I danced a little in the store! It was also mucho funness!

Sunday....I went to see RENT! Whoot Whoot for RENT! So much fun! I went with a friend who went to Hope but then transferred to another school. Since I have seen the movie so many times it was kinda weird to see the play...its way more graphic! wow! but it was good and I had an A-Mazing time!

Monday....first a good thing and also a sad thing....RACHEL IS COMING BACK! Rachel was my roommate Freshman year and then moved back home but she is coming back! the sad part is the reason she is coming back is because her school is closing. but I don't care we are going to be roommates again! that is so exciting! whoot whoot.
Another thing that happened last night was at work....The door has been a little hard locking lately and last night I almost had a heart attack because the door wasn't locking and I thought I set off the alarm...but I did not. Hopefully they will call a locksmith today and I will not have to deal with the door yet again tonight!

Today....RED VELVET ART KITS ARE AVAILABLE! whoot Whoot! so excited for them to reach my house!


RachelDenbow said...

Our apologies for the missing prices! Our Paper Kit price is $30.00. S+H is a flat rate of $5 unless they are shipped internationally. Then, Emma will be adjusting the S+H according to your country.

You can order kits by e-mailing Emma @ RedVelvetKitClub@hotmail.com.

Be sure to include your name, e-mail, mailing address, item and quantity.

Thanks for the interest.


shelly b said...

Hi Krys! thanks for stoppin by my blog!! You are gonna love the kit. It was fun!! Oh and I love that you work at a library and ss. My two favorite places to be!!