Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eventful Morning

Wow! I woke up by the sounds of the rosters crowing away and the sun shining on my face. I was all nice and tosty in my bed and the house was cold. My mother has already put me to work with the kids at the church (I have to leave in a few min). We have 2 cars for 3 people so I came to school with my brother to meet my mother (she works in the Library at the Middle School) but before we went to school we had to stop and feed the horses. On driving to the ranch we saw a cow on the side of the road and it happened to be one of the ones that they take care of. So we (and by we I mean my brother) had to put it back in the pins. By the time that he had chases it farther down the road and came back to the truck it had disapeared (hopefully back in the pen). On the way to school we had to pick up some bags of trash on the side of the road because they happened to be ours. On my fathers way to work this morning they blew out of the trailer. but we couldnt get to them because of the cow....they are still there. Man what have I gotten myself into! Hope your day was as eventful as mine.

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