Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Heart CHA!

Today was CHA Day! How Exciting! I woke up early and got to the show early with Cindy and Elaine and walked around doing make in takes and looking at all of the new product that I want the store to order even thou Im not going to be here I saw stuff that I want to buy when it comes out. Then Megan and Chelsea came and we walked and hung out having fun lookin at all of the wonderful new product! I meet and took pics with Heidi Swap and Elsie. I ahd meet Elsie before and I love her and the stuff that she comes up with..she is so talented!


Lisa said...

oh i'm sooooo jealous!!! looks like you had tons of fun!

Drama Mama said...

hey, great meeting you at round table. CHA was so fun. Hope to meet up with you again. Maybe a Sis event that would rock!