Sunday, January 21, 2007


Nicky, Hanna, and I went to Disneyland today for Nicky's "birthday" (its really tomorrow!) And it was a blast. Steve was working the first time we tryed space, but we didnt get to ride it cuz it broke down. We did end up riding it before we left, which was A-Mazing with the red hot chilly peper song. We also whatched the parade of dreams and I took lots of good photos to scrapbook! It never fails that I get at least one Blister and a sun burn but this time I didnt get the sun burn!

When we came back Nicky droped me off at Starbucks and Both Dereks were working D Messed with me about eating meat and then d made fun of me not getting water in my chi! Man I miss those guys I will really have to go back there more often!

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