Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So I was thinking I would write a little bit cuz I never do. Im always on checking out Elsie blog to see what she has new and got me thinking...what if someone is waiting to see if I have written...ok that is really a long shot cuz who whats to read what I have to say but IT did make me want to write.

Since my last post there have been two holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Ive changed majors and went home and come back, and got a Promotion at work! That is alot of happenings.

For Thanksgiving I was going to hang out with Venissa but she ended up going to her grandmothers and so I went over to Megs grandmas just like I did last year. It was good I had to much to eat but it was good.

At the end of last semester the Music Department told me that I shouldnt be a Music Major anymore so I stressed out alot and everything was up in the air. Now we have figured it out and I have changed my major to Liberal Arts and will be graduating in Dec. 2007! I cant wait and cant belive it at the same time!

I asked off from work for two weeks so that I could go home for Christmas and New Years. The grandparents on my moms side and one of her sisters were also there for Christmas! It was a blast I got lots of money and gift cards which are always good! My brother is "mad" at me becuase I got him addicted to three things: Greys Anatomy (we watched Both seasons), Suduko (he baught a book), and Veronica Mars (we also watched both seasons).

Before I left to go home I had an interview at the library for another position and while I was home I got the call to tell me that I got the new position. I did officially start when I got back on Jan. 8th but I was also scheduled for Nicole so Im doing both jobs at the time being and will only doing my new job when School starts again in two weeks! I dont want school to start but It has to. :(

Well I guess I better go because Im almost off and Nicole and I am going to Disneyland!

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